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1 Year Food Supply for 1 Person (4,320 Servings)

1 Year Food Supply for 1 Person (4,320 Servings)
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Freshness Guaranteed

Enjoy Peace of Mind.

Stress less, knowing your emergency food supply is secured.

The 1 Year Food Storage Kit offers a wide variety of delicious, no-cook meals. With a 25-year shelf life, you won't need to worry about replacing your food until the year 2040.

  • A year of freeze-dried food for 1 person
  • 2,000 calories/day
  • Shelf Life: up to 25 years
  • Free shipping
  • No-cook, ready-made meals. Just add water and enjoy.
  • 4,320 Full Servings. 3 meals/day (3-4 servings/meal)
  • 17 different entrees and 3 beverages to choose from
  • No high fructose corn-syrup; No added MSG
  • Packed in resealable pouches with an oxygen absorber
  • Stored in stackable 8 gallon buckets (with handles)

Breakfast Foods:
Natural Granola | Apple Blueberry Granola | Oatmeal | Cinnamon Rice Pudding | Freeze Dried Fruit Mix

Lunch/Dinner Foods:
Instant Potatoes | Polenta (Corn Grits) | Cheddar Cheese Pasta | Western Chili | Hearty Potato Soup | Beef Flavored Vegetable Stew | Cheddar Broccoli Soup | Seasoned Mashed Potatoes | Chicken Flavored Vegetable Stew | Red Beans and Rice | Mixed Vegetables

Regular Whey Milk | Chocolate Whey Milk | Citrus Drink | Chocolate Pudding Dessert

Food Storage is like insurance against hard times.

It's the only safe investment in an unpredictable world.

In a natural or economic disaster, food won't always be available at the grocery store. Even if it is available, the supplies will be low and the prices will be high. But, inflation only affects food at the store—not the food you've stored in your home. Your home food storage will maintain its nutritional value regardless of changing conditions in the world. With natural disasters on the rise and a shaky economy, now is the time to secure your 1 year food supply.

Why is it a good idea to store emergency food?

Considering the fact that you've come to this website, you probably already know the answer to that question. However, you may have a friend or family member that still needs some convincing. Here are a few things for them to consider.

If your town had an earthquake, flood, tornado, or some form of extreme weather, is it possible that your grocery store could close? Is it possible that the store itself may be damaged and need to be closed for an extended period in order to make repairs? What if nearby stores aren't damaged but the roads are? What if the roads are fine, but the stores don't have any food left?

You don't even need a natural disaster to occur for store shelves to be cleared out. Oftentimes just the news of an upcoming storm is enough to send shoppers out "panic buying."

There are also several man-made circumstances that could create a state of emergency. Financial collapse is a big concern, and it only becomes more of a concern each year. With an economy spiraling out of control, many stores will be rapidly closing their doors while others will be forced to skyrocket their prices to keep up with hyperinflation.

Riots and civil unrest can also lead to long-term shutdowns. A quick glance at the news will show just how close we are to such events occurring.

With these things in mind, it's easy to imagine a scenario where you would be glad to have your own food supply on hand.

About our Freeze-Dried Food

Our food is packaged by the beautiful mountains of Utah. Our facility is USDA certified and GMP certified. We offer delicious, no-cook meals that are prepared by just adding water.

Our freeze-dried foods are packed in "metallite" pouches to ensure long shelf life and easy storage. Once a pouch is opened, you have 6-12 months to eat the contents. Each pouch is easily resealable. It is best to store food in a cool dry area, avoiding direct exposure to the sun. This will ensure a long shelf life.

How much do I need in storage?

There isn't really a such thing as being "too prepared." As long as you have room to accommodate your supplies, it is wise to prepare as much as is reasonable for your circumstances. Having a surplus of food will allow you to live more comfortably, rather than worrying about rationing your food. It also gives you the flexibility of trading items you don't need for items you do need.

A year supply of food for 1 person can also be used as a 6 month food supply for two people, or a 3 month supply for 4 people.