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Freeze Dried Broccoli (222 Servings)

Freeze Dried Broccoli (222 Servings)
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Freshness Guaranteed

Freeze dried broccoli is a convenient snack that's packed full of nutrients. Adding vegetables to your food storage is a great way to make sure you're eating a well-rounded diet—even in an emergency. With a shelf-life of up to 25 years, you can rest easy knowing your food supply is secured.

Each bucket contains Metalite™ pouches to keep moisture from ruining the food and ensure freshness. The buckets are stackable, making them convenient to store.

How to Use Broccoli in Recipes

Broccoli is not only tasty but it is versatile and healthy too. This green vegetable gives you vitamins A, B, C, D and K, and there are only 31 calories in a cup. This vegetable can be added to all kinds of recipes, and whether you are using fresh or frozen broccoli, there are plenty of health benefits to be enjoyed.

Tasty Recipes with Freeze-Dried Broccoli

It is always worth keeping frozen vegetables to hand, because there are so many recipes you can make with them. Bear in mind too that freeze-drying locks in all the nutrients! Take freeze-dried broccoli for example. If you want to prepare a delicious, nutritious meal for your hungry family, there are plenty of options for you to consider. One idea is to bring a pan of salted water to a boil, then add two generous handfuls of pasta shapes or rice, and cook until al dente. Add the broccoli during the last few minutes of cooking so it is ready at the same time. Now you can drain the pasta or rice and broccoli, and then stir in some tomato sauce or another favorite sauce. Voila, your family has a healthy dinner in about 10 minutes. Just don't forget the parmesan on the side!

Some More Ideas

So what else can you do with freeze-dried broccoli? Well, this vegetable has all its goodness preserved with the freeze-drying process, so why not consider a healthy soup? Dissolve a bouillon cube in a pint of boiling water, then add the broccoli along with any other chopped vegetables you can find in the refrigerator. Now you can throw in some chopped meat, perhaps beef, chicken or even pork. Season the soup with salt, black pepper and any other herbs or spices you wish to add. Simmer until the meat is done and the vegetables are al dente, then either serve the soup as it is, or puree it and then serve, maybe with crusty bread on the side.

Easy Broccoli Casserole Recipe

One of the most famous broccoli recipes of all has to be broccoli casserole, and whether you are preparing this for Thanksgiving, Christmas or simply as a side dish, it is sure to be a hit. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and grease a 13 x 9 inch baking dish. Stir a 10 3/4 ounce can of condensed mushroom soup with a cup of mayonnaise, 2 chopped green onions, and a beaten egg. Put 30 ounces of freeze-dried broccoli in a bowl and add the soup mixture, breaking up the broccoli a bit with a wooden spoon. Now sprinkle 9 ounces of cheddar cheese on top, grind over some salt and pepper and add a sprinkle of paprika. Bake this casserole for 55 minutes, and serve alongside chicken, turkey, steak, pork or your favorite meat for a really tasty meal.

How to Liven Up Pasta or Rice

Go ahead and add freeze-dried broccoli to any pasta or rice dish. Not only will you be adding color, but you will be adding flavor and nutrients too. Broccoli pairs well with any protein so you can add it to any dish you are making - risotto, pasta, casserole, stew, soup - anything! Frozen broccoli thaws in a couple of minutes so simply toss it in near the end of the cooking time and it will become tender and flavorful. Adding broccoli to a dish is a surefire way to get extra vitamins and minerals into your family's diet and add flavor and color to the meal at the same time.

Health benefits of Broccoli

Among green vegetables, broccoli stands out in its taste and its nutritional content. Broccoli is consumed by many people–especially body builders–because of its enormous amount of protein, which can help build and repair muscles. In addition, the high amount of protein is an essential for growing children.

Broccoli is packed with huge amounts of vitamins. They are:

  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C rich broccoli strengthens our immune system and protects our body from the disease causing pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and thus it removes the stress from our body. Moreover, Vitamin C acts as an anti aging agent.
  • Vitamin K – This vitamin is very important to regulate the blood clotting mechanism.
  • Vitamin E - This vitamin is another antioxidant, which performs the same function as Vitamin C. In addition, Vitamin E helps you to have a healthy skin, hair, and nails. Consumption of broccoli leads to the reduction of menstrual cramps due to vitamin E.
  • Vitamin A- This is a rich source of vitamin A, which is essential for the health of the eyes. In addition, it prevents the development of night blindness in people.
  • Vitamin B – This vitamin enables the nerves and our musculoskeletal system to perform their functions effectively. Moreover, the uses of these vitamins are greatly appreciated by people suffering from nerve diseases, like sciatica.

Aside from the vitamins, there are also many minerals, including potassium, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, calcium, iron and selenium. These minerals balance our hormones in our body and also help in the regulation of our immune system and strengthen it. This is in turns leads to better protection from diseases.

Broccoli is packed with great amount of dietary fiber. This is important in relieving the problems of constipation. Moreover, the rich amounts of fatty acids–especially omega 3 fatty acids and Pantothenic acid–help to lower the bad cholesterol in our body. Thus, broccoli promotes the health of the cardiovascular system.