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ReadyFuel - 4 Pack

ReadyFuel - 4 Pack
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Freshness Guaranteed

Fuel to Heat Your Food

ReadyFuel™ is an amazingly handy product. Just squeeze the fuel gel out of the pack and light it up. It's simple to use and it burns nice and hot.

There are many reasons why ReadyFuel is good to have on hand. Here are a few:

  • 30+ Year Shelf Life
  • Safe for storage. Non-explosive
  • Burns up to 20 minutes
  • Can reach up to 1200°F
  • Doesn't evaporate, melt, or freeze.
  • U.S. Military Tested and Approved
  • Doesn't smoke while burning, or produce carbon monoxide
  • Burns at low temperatures
  • Burns at high elevations
  • Burns clean and only leaves a pile of sand behind.