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Emergency Preparedness Resources

First Aid - A basic first aid reference for various emergencies.

Bug Out Bag - If you need to leave home in a hurry, make sure you have these items packed in a bag.

Basic Self Defense - Instructional videos demonstrating Kung Fu self defense techniques.

Dare to Prepare - A book written by Holly Deyo. Offers advice on how to prepare for just about any disaster.

Provident Living - Information from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints about home food storage, emergency preparedness, physical health, employment, and more.

Basic Gardening - Some information to get you started with your own garden.

Solar Cookers - A collection of plans for building your own solar cooker.

Fuel Storage - Learn how to safely and effectively store different types of fuel.

Wood Burning Car - Learn how to modify your current vehicle to run off a wood burning gasifier.